Lux Advisors

At Luxury Real Estate Advisors, we provide a full range of strategic solutions to assist you when navigating the complex luxury condo segment. LRA’s best-in-class data analytics helps us identify unit/floor plan level trends and hidden buying opportunities.

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Lux Management

We provide you with effortless ownership and passive income while mitigating your risk.

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Lux Invest

Our best in class, AI assisted analytics can instantly evaluate 1000’s of transactions to discover hidden trends and investment opportunities.

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Lux Relocate

We are a local team that can share the nuances of individual communities (unlike national companies) and our services are free.

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Lux Home Services

5-Star housekeeping and paint services specializing in the Las Vegas luxury condo segment.

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Lux Cares

We work with partner Charites to provide comprehensive solutions animal welfare issues in Las Vegas. Luxury Cares partners with local charities and veterinarians in low income areas to provide financial assistance for animals in need of food, vaccinations and lifesaving surgeries.

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Our Services

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