Anthony Phillips | Luxury Real Estate Advisors Partners with Street Dogz Las Vegas To Fund Pet Vaccination Pop Up Clinics

Luxury Real Estate Advisors is a proud supporter of Street Dogz Las Vegas

Anthony Phillips, Luxury Real Estate Advisors, and their generous clients have provided ~$30,000 YTD to Street Dogz, which delivers food, clothing, supplies, and medical care to animals in need.

“2020-2021 has been an incredibly challenging year for everyone, including homeless people and their pets, so we are grateful for the opportunity to provide some relief via our partnership with Street Dogz,” stated Anthony Phillips, Founder of Luxury Real Estate Advisors, Luxury Cares and upstart Diverse Home Solutions-Nevada

“The standard vaccine regiment includes a 5-way protection shot aiding in the reduction of diseases caused by Canine Distemper, Canine Adenovirus Types 1 & 2, Parainfluenza, and Parvovirus.

Moreover, retail pet care locations charge up to $100 to administer these shots when pet vaccines can be acquired; however, when purchased in bulk, they can be acquired at $8.99 per vaccination.

The cost and location of clinics create price and traveling burdens on homeless people seeking to vaccinate their pets, so we will be funding pop-up clinics, providing free vaccinations, and setting up locations that are easily accessible.

About Street Dogz

Street Dogz focuses on a preventative approach to ensure that pets are not surrendered in the first place. Street Dogz strives to assist pets of the homeless and those in need by offering food & supply distribution, assisting with funding to spay & neuter pets, meeting the needs of special food diets, medications, vaccinations, and assisting with the temporary housing for pets. In addition to offering material support, StreetDogz helps humans care for their companions, providing a sense of dignity, comfort, and hope. StreetDogz has been featured on News 3, Action News 13, Fox 5, and

About Luxury Real Estate Advisors

Luxury Real Estate Advisors, founded by Luxury Realtor Anthony Phillips, is the preeminent provider of services to the Las Vegas luxury condo segment. Anthony Phillips donates a portion of commissions earned to various non-profits, including Street Dogz and the CARE Complex.

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